Post Bodywork

After being relaxed from a great bodywork session, you may find yourself feeling a bit like you’re floating in space. There are a few things you can do to keep that body ‘afloat’ after your session while increasing the benefits of bodywork.


During massage, muscle tension releases and makes its way through the body to get flushed out. Staying hydrated with lots of water after a massage will aid in getting the waste product out of your body. Try to avoid coffee, soda and any caffeinated beverages and drink plenty of water, coconut water or electrolyte beverages. This will also keep your newly energized circulation moving so you can have that ‘fresh massage’ feeling longer.

Clean eating

As mentioned above, you want to avoid caffeine. In addition, avoid any other beverages that can dehydrate you, like alcohol. You also want to avoid greasy food. Have a snack on hand to fuel yourself since you may feel a bit tired and lightheaded after a massage. This can also help give you the fuel boost needed after and circulate your digestive system.

Keep moving

Don’t feel you need to put your workout routine on a complete pause after a massage. Light exercise is ideal (especially after deep tissue work). Walking, stretching and light swimming are great activities to do after a massage. But do allow your body some time to recover and regulate before engaging in vigorous exercise.

Take an Epsom salt bath/sit in a sauna

Continue your relaxation further and take a nice warm bath after. This can help with allowing your body to completely relax. Adding Epsom salt can take the bath to another level by lowering stress levels and relaxing the body, relieve pain and muscle cramps, helps muscles and nerves function properly, and much more. Sitting in a sauna, adding heat therapy, after a massage has detoxifying benefits as your sweat and whisk away accumulated toxins and waste out of your system. If you do enjoy a sauna, please note, hydration is even more important. Avoid sauna after an intense cupping session.